How It Works

League Types

Weekly Redraft League:

  • Every week you have to pick players for your team. The amount of players you pick every week is determined by you (1-5)
  • Once the episode starts, the teams are locked and you will not be able to change them.
  • You only get points based on the people you choose for that episode.
  • To make it a little more difficult, you can choose a player limit. A player limit will limit the amount of time you choose a player (1-5 - amount set by you). For example: if your player limit is set to 3, then once someone picks a contestant 3 times, they can't choose them for the rest of the season. You can also set this to No Limit and there won't be a limit.
Full Draft League:
  • You set up a time that everyone in your league can draft and you draft players in a snake style draft until there's nobody left to choose or the commissioner of the league finishes the draft. (There's no time limit for someone to draft so you could also have people draft at their own leisure)
  • You get points from all of the drafted players that are on your team every week until they are eliminated.
  • You are able to trade players between teams. For more info view the Trading Guide

Creating a League

If you want to create a league, just go to the top menu, click on the show you want, and then click the "Create New League" button. From there you will be given a form to fill out about the league. That will include the league name, your own team name, what type of league you want, and the scoring categories and the points you want for each of those (you will be able to change these later as well). Once you complete the form, you will be ready to go!

Joining/Inviting Friends to a League

Once you have created a league, you will want to invite your friends to enjoy the fun with you. To do this, you go to your league and you will see an "Invite Friends" button. All you have to do is click that and then type the emails of your friends and hit invite. This will send out an email to everyone you inputted (if they can't find the email, check the spam folder) and send them through the league join process. This will include logging in and setting a team name. It's that easy!

Drafting/Setting Lineup

Depending on which league you choose (Weekly Redraft or Full Draft), you will have two different draft processes. In a weekly redraft league, you will have to set your lineup of 1-4 players every week by clicking "Set Lineup" and then choosing the players you want. These lineups will be locked right when the show starts that week. In a full draft league, you will need to set up a time with your league to draft. When you're all ready, the commissioner will hit the "Open Draft" button and that will allow people to join. The commissioner will then start the draft and will have to select the order they want everyone to draft in (everyone will draft in a snake draft). The draft will end whenever the commissioner clicks "Finish Draft" or there are no players left to draft.