Game Of Thrones: Season 7: The "Game" of Thrones league draft recap by Peter Brune

Posted on July 16, 2017 at 03:28 pm

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Written by John H from The "Game" of Thrones league.


Draft grades can be found below. Good luck this season:

Ashleigh: C: Solid #1 player, but rounds 3-5 were rough. Missandei better get creative with Greyworm for a chance at points.

Best Player - Arya Stark - Arya is an assassin now and has a lot of names to cross off her list... she hates a lot of other people in this draft

Sleeper Pick - Jaqn H'gar - He may kill 50 people or never get a scene this season. He's a true wild card

Sean: A-: This team is full of fighters and protagonists. Expect high battle points.

Best Player - Tormund Giantsbane - A true value pick in this draft. Tormund has racked up a lot of kills and doesn't look to stop anytime soon

Sleeper Pick - Podrick Payne - With a world renowned (eggplant emoji), Pod somehow always comes through when you need him

Tim: A-: A solid team up and down. All players should be involved in big fights.

Best Player - Jon Snow - This guy had been winning battles and killing everyone since season one. He was the number 1 overall pick for a reason

Sleeper Pick - Bronn - Will he fight and and have sex like previous seasons or stay out of big fights to stay alive? Only he knows for sure

Annica: C: Not a lot of fighters or fuck boys on this squad

Best Player - The Hound - A killing machine that has a longtime showdown coming with the mountain

Sleeper Pick: Daario Neheras - Dario is a very skilled fighter, but he is still in Marine. Will he cheat on Danny and kill rich citizens, or will he even get screen time... If Darrio is makes an appearance you can guarantee some form of points

Devin: B: Solid team but no true #1

Best Player- The Night King - He hasn't killed anyone by himself yet, but he also hasn't lost a battle. Expect to win some battle points no matter who he fights

Sleeper Pick: Edison Tollett - The current Lord Commander of the Knights Watch. His job will be to keep the white walkers at bay... He may die quickly or kill a white walker

Sarah: C+: This team is full of previously great fighters. Would have been an epic team if we were playing in season one.

Best Player - Jamie Lannister - The King Slayer is always part of the action. Plus he can't resist his sister so sex points are almost a guarantee

Sleeper Pick - Benjen Stark - If we see Benjen he will most likely be mowing down white walkers with a fireball mace. That is if we even see him at all...

Julie: B: Lots of strategists on this team. If the chips fall correctly this team should have the most strategy points at the end of the season.

Best Player - Bran Stark - The new three eyes raven, Bran can kill people with his Warg ability

Sleeper Pick - Tyrion Lannister - The only cast member to have traveled across the entire world map. He does a little bit of everything

John Hartnett: B+: Solid crew with high upside if the Sand sisters can throw up some points.

Best Player - The Mountain - A killing machine that is banging that nun in the dungeon. Expect epic one on one fights for this beast

Sleeper Pick - Beric Dondarrion - A skilled fighter that can come back to life if killed. Unfortunately he hasn't had a lot of screen time lately

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Devin Nevels July 17, 2017 at 09:45 am

This is fantastic.. John.. Consider a new career. Or start a blog.

Tim Howd July 16, 2017 at 03:35 pm

Very objective, factual, and apparently... a lot of free time

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