MTV The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros: Fantasy Power Rankings: Episode 3 by Peter Brune

Posted on June 2, 2017 at 01:09 pm

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Rankings based on how well they have done in fantasy up to this point


1. Lolo Jones

Previous: 1

Lolo seems to be 100% fit to be on the challenge. She is physically dominant and is a part of drama every single episode. I can see her being thrown into every elimination and winning them all until the end of the season putting her at the top of the rankings.


2. Louise Hazel

Previous: 2

Louise is playing the game a lot like Wes. She has high knowledge of the political aspect and is still very dominant in the challenges. As long as Lolo doesn't win a challenge as the captain, I don't think she will get thrown into the elimination which will land her in the final.


3. Wes Bergmann

Previous: 13

Wes is making a large jump from my last rankings due to his elimination win against Bananas and seeing how much he can manipulate people. We saw this last episode that he basically controlled both the champs and the pros nominations. He convinced Camilla to vote for herself so he could be the deciding factor and convinced the pros to tie their vote so there would be even more drama on their team. The onlly downfall for Wes would be finding himself in a physical elimination against Darrell or CT.


4. Lindsey Jacobellis

Previous: 15

Lindsey makes a large jump after getting into a rivalry with Lolo and being the winning captain from this week. At the end of the episode we see her trying to get into the elimination against Lolo, but since it's up to Lolo I think she won't take the bait and just play against Tia which will keep Lindsey in the game and keep the rivalry between her and Lolo alive.


5. Ashley Mitchell

Previous: 4

Ashley has shown a lot to me this season. She's been the only girl to step up and be the team captian both girl elimination days. She has also won both of her eliminations. I know Ashley K helped out a little with that last elimination win, but Ashley M is still looking pretty good as a competitor.


6. CM Punk

Previous: 6

Granted we haven't seen a whole lot out of CM so far, I think he's in a pretty good position on his team. He's already went in and won an elimination, so I think that keeps him out of the next one. He also has a pretty big personality, so there's always a chance he gets into an altercation with someone else this season.


7. Kamerion Wimbley

Previous: 9/10

Kamerion has been doing very well at daily challenges and with his size, I would think that the rest of the pros team would be afraid to go against him in an elimination.


8./9. CT Tamburello/Darrell Taylor

It's hard to differentiate these two in terms of fantasy points. They are both known as of recent to not be involved in any drama going around the house and they are fairly equal when it comes down to the competition. It would be great to see another elimination between these two, especially a physical one.


10. Gus Kenworthy

Previous: 3

Gus was involved in a confrontation with Lolo in the first episode, but since then it seems that they are on good terms. He has been decent in the challenges so far, but it's only a matter of time whenever it will be his time to go into an elimination. When that time comes, we can get a better gauge at how good he really is at this game.


11. Cara Maria Sorbello

Previous: 11

I was really hoping to see more out of Cara in the last episode. I expected either her or Camilla to step up and be the team captain and I thought she'd put up a better fight against Lolo in the challenge. She's still, in my opinion, the best female champ competitor, but she needs to show more in the challenges or in an elimination whenever she finds herself there.


12. Jordan Wiseley

Previous: 14

I believe Jordan to be the weakest of the 4 remaining champ guys and I wouldn't be surprised if he got thrown into the elimination this week against CT or Darrell. If that elimination is anything physical I can't see him coming back.


13. Camilla Nakagawa

Previous: 12

Camilla hasn't shown me anything impressive so far this season. In the challenges, she's been average and hasn't stepped up to be captain whenever elimination is on the line. I expect her to be in the next elimination and will have to show what she did last season if she wants to make it to the final.


14. Louie Vito

Previous: 16

Louie did show a lot of fight this week against Darrell in the challenge, but that's just not enough for me to change my opinion on him. He's just too small and I don't see him making it out of an elimination. His best chance would have been this last one with the swords.


15. Tia Blanco

Previous: 18

I'm sorry Tia, but I just have to put you in last again this week. She did show everyone that she's here to compete whenever she pulled the upset against Camilla, but she's up against Lolo in the elimination this week. I think Lolo doesn't decides to say no about going against Lindsey and ends up beating Tia this week.

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John Hartnett June 2, 2017 at 03:34 pm

Overall solid rankings. There is a double negative in Tia's review, but I'll take that as a play on words that everyone thinks she's horrible and it actually turns out ok for her... classy word play my friend

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