MTV The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros: Fantasy Predictions: Episode 4 by Peter Brune

Posted on June 5, 2017 at 04:47 pm

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Top Male and Female Fantasy Scorers:

Lolo Jones

This is a pretty easy pick, if she goes against Tia or Lindsey she will win. And then I wouldn't be surprised if she gets into an argument or two whenever she gets back to the house since she seems to do that every episode so far.


CT Tamburello

The guys pick is more of a toss up this week. I'm predicting Wes is captain and gets immune to the elimination and then throws Jordan into the elimination. That would leave the champs to choose between CT and Darrell to go against Jordan in the elimination. I'm thinking in the end it will be CT and he will beat Jordan.


Sleeper Pick

Darrell Taylor

I'm making Darrell the sleeper pick this week just because there's always a possibility he's going into the elimination this week and I think he beats any of the other champ guys in the elimination no matter what it is.


Eliminated: Tia Blanco, Jordan Wiseley, Louie Vito

I think we get to see 3 people leave this episode and MTV will catch up from the cliff hanger they left us with last week. I believe the cliff hanger from last week isn't even relevant this week and Lolo chooses to go against Tia and beats her.

I'm predicting the champs male elimination to be Jordan vs CT with CT winning and the Pros male elimination to be Louie vs Kamerion with Kamerion winning.

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