MTV The Challenge: Invasion: Fantasy Power Rankings: Episode 2 by Peter Brune

Posted on February 13, 2017 at 01:36 pm

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Champions aren't included since they have yet to be introduced.

1. Nicole Zanatta

Nicole Zanatta - Invasion

After the first episodes we can see that although Nicole is a rookie this season, she is a very good competitor. We also see that she is not shy to drama and that will place her at the top of the fantasy rankings after one week.


2. Tony Raines

Tony Raines - Invasion

Tony is back this season and after one episode has done what he has yet to do in previous seasons, he has won his first elimination. We all knew that Tony was going to be the center of a lot of drama, but it was nice to see that he's actually a competitor this season.


3. Kailah Casillas

Along with Nicole, Kailah is also a rookie that after the first episode has proved herself to be a worthy competitor with winning the elimination and earning a spot into the Oasis. She is also very confrontational, which will earn her some bonus points as the season goes on since she is the #1 enemy of most people in the house currently.


4. Nelson Thomas

Although Nelson proved to be a little lack luster in the challenge, he became the leader of an alliance against Real World Skeletons, Jenna and Kailah. This is going to give him power in the game and look for him to involved in a lot of drama.


5. Dario Medrano 

Dario finally showed us something after he came in first in the first challenge. He still hasn't had too much air time and hasn't been too much involved in the drama, but look for that to change as more people get eliminated while he waits to move into the Oasis.


6. Cory Wharton

Cory has already proven himself in past seasons to be a great competitor and did just that in the first challenge when he came in second. I don't think it takes much longer for him to earn his ticket into the Oasis. His relationship with Kailah will definitely help him with some points in the future as well.


7. Ashley Mitchell

The first episode was a little slow for Ashley since she's usually all over the place with drama and romance, but I still believe she can make that up in coming episodes. She did prove that she's out to win this season when she decided to ditch everyone once she got over the wall to try and win the challenge. 


8. Jenna Compono

I don't see Jenna going home anytime soon because I believe all the other girls are afraid of her and won't want to go against her in the elimination. She's also a great competitor and it's only a matter of time that she wins a challenge to punch her ticket into the Oasis.


9. Shane Landrum

Shane is so old and hasn't been on the challenge in over a decade that I doubt any of these kids on this season even know who he is at this point, but he proved himself in the first challenge coming in 3rd place and seems like he'd be a good pick to win the next challenge.


10. Sylvia Elsrode

Sylvia seemed to be the big story line in the first episode when she turned against her alliance to vote in Tony. I think she's on the outskirts of both alliances at this point and is not looking too great in challenges. The only thing saving her currently is her drama with the rest of the Skeletons alliance.


11. LaToya Jackson

Getting further down this list, it's getting harder and harder to determine how I should rank people since they haven't shown hardly anything. LaToya falls in the 11 spot just for the fact it seems like she's in pretty good with Nelson making her safe since their alliance has the numbers.


12. Theo King-Bradley

I think that Jenna put it best saying "We forgot you were here 3 times." Theo has done nothing currently besides sitting behind Nelson and his alliance.


13. Amanda Garcia

Amanda is not the same drama filled contestant that she was last season so far. Let's hope that can change soon.


14/15. Hunter Barfield/Anthony Bartolotte

It must be because I never watch Are You The One? but right now I can't really tell the difference between these two guys. They were very forgettable in the first episode.


16. Anika Rashaun

Anika takes the coveted last spot in the rankings. She was very forgettable in the first episode and she face planted coming off of the boat.



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