MTV The Challenge: Invasion: Episode 2 Recap by Peter Brune

Posted on February 19, 2017 at 09:35 am

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Yes, I know that this is technically the 3rd episode, but since we're counting episodes 1 & 2 as 1 episode combined for fantasy purposes I'm saying this was the 2nd episode. Moving on...

This episode was quite the dropoff from the first episode in terms of what actually happened. There was almost nothing that went on in the house other than going to the challenge, nominations, and the elimination. But hey, I'm not complaining about it since they actually had a challenge and elimination in the episode unlike multiple episodes last season that just ended on cliff hangers. So let's get into the episode...


The Challenge

Looks like my prediction was wrong about the people who already have their Oasis tickets still participating in the challenge. I think it might have caused a little more drama if you let the winners choose who gets the ticket if they won again. But then again that could lead to the same people winning over and over and picking all their friends who haven't earned anything, so I can live with it.

The challenge this week was a water challenge. Contestants had to split up into teams of two, one male and one female, and go around this pond picking up bags of coconuts that you would eventually need to shoot into a basket to make it heavy enough to fall to the ground. The teams shook out like this: Cory/Jenna, Hunter/Ashley M, Shane/Latoya, Theo/Anika, Nelson/Amanda, Anthony/Sylvia. In the end, Hunter and Ashley M end up taking home the victory, pretty handily. Then Hunter has a roid rage and calls out Cory for not beating him, don't really know why that was neccessary, but okay.

After TJ gets everyone rounded up again, he says that the female winner (Ashley M) gets to choose one male to go into the elimination and the male winner (Hunter) gets to choose one female to go into the elimination. The other two will be sent in during nominations.



Trust me when I say there was literally nothing that went on between the challenge and nominations. During nominations, Ashley M chose Theo after talking with Cory about who he wanted to go against and Hunter chose Jenna because she's "guilty by association" with Kailah. After their choices there was a consensus that Anika and Cory would be the two other players who would be going into the elimination vs Theo and Jenna.

After the nominations, it seemed like both Theo and Anika were confident that they'd come back from the elimination. Theo stating over and over again about how he's a D1 athlete and is a real athlete as opposed to Cory who I guess is a fake athlete? Anika saying that she would definitely win if it ended up being a puzzle (Spoiler Alert: it wasn't).



The real challenge of this elimination was getting to the elimination. The four contestants had to climb up the side of a mountain, which editing made it seem like took a while, to make it to where the elimination was taking place. TJ was waiting there for them whenever they made it to the top to tell them what they'd be doing for the elimination: grabbing 5 balls and jumping off of a 500 foot high platform. This was more of a mind over matter elimination then competing against another person. The balls had holes in them, making it easy for everyone to hold onto them as the jumped off the platform so it was more about could you muster up the courage to jump off the platform and do it as fast as possible. This was apparently too much for Theo who bitched out, his words not mine, and gave Cory the easy ticket into the Oasis. The battle between Jenna and Anika was a little closer, it came down to a couple seconds but in the end Jenna edged Anika out by 2 seconds and punching her ticket into the Oasis.

This gives Tony, Kailah, Jenna, Cory, Nicole, Hunter, Ashley M, and Dario all tickets to the Oasis and with Jenna and Cory winning tickets. Now everyone from Team Skeletons/Team Tony/Team Anti Nelson (don't really know what to call it) have a ticket to the Oasis. Looks like Sylvia picked the wrong alliance to side with.


Fantasy Winners

Hunter Barfield

It was difficult to choose between Hunter and Cory this week, but in the end I think Hunter showed more. He won his first challenge as a rookie and is on his way to the Oasis. Not sure where he'll be once the champs arrive, but he's big enough to at least make a splash.

Ashley Mitchell

This was also a tough pick for me this week between Ashley and Jenna. I ended up choosing Ashley because we already knew that Jenna can win challenges and eliminations, but we weren't for sure about Ashley. She proved that she really is a great all around fantasy contender and won't just carry your team on drama and romance.



  • Shane, Anthony, Nelson, LaToya, Sylvia, and Amanda will battle next week for the last 4 spots into the Oasis.
  • Theo will probably not be asked back onto the challenge after his performance in the elimination.
  • I'm giving Nelson and Amanda with the best chances of making it into the Oasis from the final 6.
  • If you're in a Weekly Redraft league, I'd stay away from everyone who has already made it into the Oasis since the only points they can get in an episode are drama and romance points.
  • We should be seeing the champs at the end of the next episode when TJ announces who all made it into the Oasis.

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