MTV The Challenge: Invasion: The MTV Challenge: Invasion Public League Is Here! by Peter Brune

Posted on February 20, 2017 at 08:40 am

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Hello everyone!

Real TV Fantasy is proud to announce that we have rolled out the MTV Challenge: Invasion public league!

The public league will be a weekly redraft league that allows users to pick 3 contestants every week and compete against everyone else who has joined the league site wide! Each user will only be able to join a public league once and have one entry per week. To join the league simply click on the shows dropdown in the menu and click MTV The Challenge: Invasion. On the show page you will click Join Public League and enter your team name and you've joined! Just don't forget to set your lineups every week so you can climb the leaderboards. In the future these public leagues could be used for prizes and giveaways! 

Please note that public leagues is currently in beta so please report issues that you find. You can report them by sending an email on our contact page or you can leave a comment on this article. 

We're also open to suggestions on how to improve public leagues and the site in general. Please let us know by commenting on sending an email via the contact page.


Thanks and have fun!

Real TV Fantasy Team

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