MTV The Challenge: Invasion: Four Tickets To Paradise Recap by Peter Brune

Posted on February 24, 2017 at 01:00 pm

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We've finally made it everyone! It's been a long 3 weeks, but now we finally get to see the champs show up to compete against the underdogs! Well, we got to see them walk up for about 30 seconds right before the episode ended, but that's exactly what I expected from MTV.

In the beginning of the episode, we are starting to see more romances growing in the shelter. We saw Cory and Kailah walking down the beach with each other flirting and making out. We also saw a new romance growing between LaToya and Nelson. They had a conversation on the beach, while flirting, and made a pact that both of them need to get their tickets to the Oasis so that this romance can continue. Next thing we know, we're at the challenge.


The Challenge

The challenge this week is only among the 3 of each gender that are left without their tickets into the Oasis. For the females that would be LaToya, Amanda, and Sylvia. For the males we have Nelson, Anthony, and Shane. The objective of the challenge is to roll a cube cage, while you're locked inside, to the other side to get the key and unlock yourself and grab your ticket into the Oasis. But wait, along with getting into the Oasis, TJ announces that they get free Burger King for a year for winning. Let me just say how great it is that MTV is finally giving away free stuff to winners on individual challenges again. Those were the days whenever you could win a motorcycle or a new phone from just winning a challenge. I think it gives people more incentive and makes challenges more competitive.

During the females challenge we saw a lot out of LaToya taking an early lead, but she ended up gassing out at the end as Amanda passes her up for her way into the Oasis. During the males challenge, Shane takes off really fast and gains a early lead while Anthony slowly creeps along and Nelson is basically dead in the mud. Shane makes it to his rope first to get his key, but realizes that the window he has to put his arm out of to get the key is on the ground. While Shane is struggling getting his rope to pull his key, Anthony makes an amazing comeback to grab his rope first and start pulling in his key. Anthony's main problem though was that he wasn't smart enough to just pull the rope over the bamboo stick so that he could unlock his box. Instead he pulled it close to him and when it was hanging over the bamboo stick just tried to swing it towards him. I still don't understand how he couldn't figure that out. In the end, Shane figures out how to get his key and wins his Oasis ticket and a years supply of Burger King.



We don't have any nominations this week, since there were only two people left of each gender and they get thrown in automatically. TJ explains that the contestants will be all starting at different times and racing up and down stairs that go up 1000 feet. In this elimination you will be battling against yourself more than battling against the other competitor since you have no idea about their time and you just have to keep pushing yourself. The stairs looked pretty intense going up. Everyone seemed to be struggling and crawling up the stairs and aside from LaToya stopping to talk with a monkey, I think everyone looked to be giving 100 percent. In the end, TJ says that both races were close and Nelson and Sylvia come away with the wins.


Fantasy Winners

Shane Landrum

If you picked Shane, you've been patiently waiting to see if he can still hang with the younger cast in challenges. This week he proved that he deserves to be there and will be a competitor.

Sylvia Elsrode

Coming into this season I had Sylvia as one of the worst, if not the worst, female competitors. She proved to me and everyone else this week that she can compete. Who would've thought at the beginning of the season that through 4 challenges, she would be the top scorer in defaut leagues?



  • I'm glad that next week we're finally going to see the champions compete. Next week will really show who out of the underdogs are up for the challenge.
  • From the looks of it, next weeks challenge will be underdogs vs champions. I'm hoping it doesn't stay this way and goes back to being an individual challenge. If it was underdogs vs champions, there would be no competition, champions would win almost every challenge.
  • While the champions walk in, Jenna states that she still has feelings for him, so look for some drama and maybe romance points down the road for Jenna.
  • TJ has still yet to say "You Killed It" to anyone on this challenge.

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