MTV The Challenge: Invasion: Underdog Eat Underdog World Recap by Peter Brune

Posted on March 3, 2017 at 09:03 pm

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This is the episode that everyone has been waiting for this season. The champs have finally arrived and now we are going to figure out what the format is for the rest of the season.


The Challenge

The episode starts out where we left off – the champions walking up to the challenge and TJ telling the underdogs that to be a champion you have to beat the champions (spoiler: this is not true at all based on the new format). TJ tells everyone that the challenge will now be a team game with two teams, the champs vs. the underdogs. Now, there's nothing wrong with that until we figure out that eliminations will be champ vs. champ and underdog vs. underdog. This is why I say that the statement "to be a champion you have to beat the champions" just isn't true. The underdogs don't have to beat the champions at all, they have to beat each other in eliminations. The only good thing that can come from this is that we are finally going to see some crazy eliminations with the champions having to face other champions. Although, I'm still hoping that the game only stays this format for a couple weeks and then switches to an individual game again. Ok, back to the challenge...

After TJ announces the teams, he also says that per challenge win, teams get to bank money into their team's bank account just like some older, classic seasons of The Challenge. TJ also says the first girl and the first guy to score a point will get to choose a person of the opposite sex to automatically go into the elimination. In this episode, the challenge is a rugby-style challenge where a catapult launches a ball into a mud pit and each team has to work together to get the ball into their team's basket. The females are up first and we see that it's going to be a lopsided game with 6 underdogs vs. 4 champs. Although the champs put up a good fight and got some good hits on the underdogs, the underdogs win 3-0 fairly easily by cherry picking, since they have 2 extra players. The male challenge starts out about the same as the female challenge did. The underdogs went up 2-0 early using basically the same strategy that the females did with using their extra player to cherry pick for the most part. Then the champs used their speed and teamwork to grind back into the game and tie it up to 2-2. That's when the underdogs finally said enough is enough and powered through to get the winning ball.

All in all, this was a great challenge in theory, but the fact that it was 6 vs. 4 on both the guys and girls side was pretty ridiculous. There was almost no way for the champs to win and that really shows you how much worse the underdog males are, since they were one point away from losing.


Post Challenge

TJ announced that since Dario and Ashley M. were the first two to score, so they get to pick the person of the opposite sex on their team to send them into the elimination. TJ also gave them no time to decide and told them to pick someone on the spot right now. Ashley decided to choose Tony because she thought that would make less of a commotion since the Tony/Jenna/Kailah alliance are the most hated ones in the house. Dario decided to choose Sylvia because, I mean really, who's going to miss Sylvia?

Once the competitors got back to the house, all hell broke loose with the underdogs – all of them started arguing about who was going to be voted in. It's pretty funny to see since it was so chaotic and you saw that nobody really knew what they were doing.



There was no nominations or elimination this week since MTV decided to show way too much drama and not enough game.


Fantasy Winners

Kailah Cassilas

Since there really wasn't a whole lot of standouts this week, I'm choosing Kailah because she was just a drunken mess and if she stays that way she'll keep scoring you a lot of points.

Dario Medrano

There weren't really any standout guys this week, but out of all of them Dario was the one who showed me the most this week. He started to have a fling with Ashley K. and he was the only one who was logical whenever everyone else on the underdogs were discussing who should be thrown in to the elimination.



  • I really hope that this isn't going to be champs vs. underdogs for the whole season. This will let underdogs get to the final without much effort
  • They also need to rethink the daily challenges. If the champs are always going to be down a player, at least make it a fair game.
  • I'm liking that they brought back banking money into your team bank accounts. It makes for more competitive challenges.
  • I hope next episode is going to be elimination, challenge, elimination but knowing MTV I doubt we get that

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John Hartnett March 3, 2017 at 11:52 pm

Nice summary. Compliments to the author

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