MTV The Challenge: Invasion: Fantasy Power Rankings: Episode 5 by Peter Brune

Posted on March 6, 2017 at 01:45 pm

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I know, I know. I missed last week, but Mardi Gras really got the best of me last weekend and I just couldn't find the time. Anyway, here's my power rankings for this week.


Rankings based on how well they have done in fantasy up to this point

1. Kailah Cassilas

Previous: 3


Kailah is currently the highest scoring player in default league scoring. She always finds a way into every episode with the drama and romance that she's envolved in. She's also a good competitor and I don't think too many girls on the underdogs team are going to eliminate her without a fight.


2. Dario Medrano

Previous: 5

Over the past two weeks Dario has really shown me a lot to make me think that he's going to go far in this game. He has shown to be a good competitor and is the only one who seems to play the game the way that it should be played. He also started a small romance with Ashley K. and we'll have to see if that blooms into anything more so he can cash in on the romance points.


3. Cory Wharton

Previous: 4

Cory has been a solid pick for the last couple weeks with all of his romance with Kailah and the drama they had last episode. It looks like their romance could be ended, but I still see a lot more drama coming out of both of them.


4. Nicole Zanatta

Previous: 1

Nicole has really had a dropoff of fantasy production since her strong showing in the first episode. She still is a great competitor and looks like she's starting to flirt with the champion girls which could help her with points later down the road.


5. Camilla Nakagawa

Previous: -

Last week was the first episode we saw the champions in the house this season and with that didn't come a lot of fantasy production. The girls lost the competition, but we all know Camilla is a monster when it comes to drama points and I expect her to keep that up in coming episodes.


6. Johnny Devenanzio

Previous: -

Even though the guys lost to the underdogs in the challenge last week, I think they win this week since the underdogs will be down a player after elimination. Also, Johnny always finds a way into everyone's heads and he'll be in the middle of all the drama that goes along with alliances.


7. Tony Raines

Previous: 2

Tony has been on the same trajectory that Nicole is, he started off hot and now he really hasn't done anything for a couple episodes. He's going into the elimination this week, but I think he'll be coming back. Pick him at your own risk this week.


8. Jenna Compono

Previous: 8

Jenna has been a pretty steady player every week. She doesn't get you crazy points, but expect her to get some. I think this will ramp up this week as we see her and Zach starting to have a thing again.


9. Zach Nichols

Previous: -

Zach comes ranked right below Jenna since most likely they will be involved in a lot of the same drama and romance points. I expect to see both of them conversing more in the coming weeks which will come up with a lot of drama.


10/11. Laurel Stucky/Cara Maria Sorbello

Previous: -

We really don't know that much about how much drama the champs are going to be involved in, but Laurel and Cara are both good enough competitor to put them up in the rankings.


12/13. CT Tamburello/Darrell Taylor

Previous: -

Again, we haven't seen a whole lot of the champions yet to see how much involved in drama they are, but we should see more this week after when it's a champs elimination. Darrell and CT are both solid compeitors to get them up in the rankings this week.


14. Shane Landrum

Previous: 10

Shane has kind of just been going with the flow of everything that's happening in the game. He got into it a little bit with Cory about who should be voted in, but other than that he really hasn't done much. Maybe his friendships with some of the vets can help him with this game and get him some points.


15. Ashley Mitchell

Previous: 6

Other than cherry picking the first score so that she got to choose someone to go into the elimination, Ashley M hasn't done a lot in the past two weeks. She still has a thing with Hunter and that will help her along the way. Let's see if she can keep competing and prove herself against the champs.


16. Hunter Barfield

Previous: 7

After seeing a huge jump two weeks ago, I have Hunter dropping in the rankings. He still is a large man and should be hard to go up against in a physical elimination, but we need to see him getting more camera time if he wants to keep bringing in the points.


17. Nelson Thomas

Previous: 9

Nelson has had a big dropoff since the first episode. He's slowly seeing everyone who was on his side in the beginning leaving and doesn't have much of an alliance anymore. He needs to bring his alliance back together and gain power back to give me confident that he'll score a lot of points every week.


18. Amanda Garcia

Previous: 11

Amanda just isn't who she was last season when she came into the game and stirred up drama left and right. She hasn't done much in the game up to this point, and I don't see her getting too much farther.


19. Ashley Kelsey

Previous: -

Ashley K. is by far the worst female champion on the champs team with Camilla at a close second. After this week, I can see her being thrown into the elimination and not returning. Let's just hope she can get some points with Dario before she ends up being eliminated.


20. Sylvia Elsrode

Previous: 12

I know that Sylvia is the 3rd highest scorer up to this point in the season, but she still is not a good competitor. She is in the elimination this episode and it would be hard for me to say that she'll win against any of the other underdog girls.


My Picks For The Week

Who I believe will be the top scoring male and female in fantasy this week

Tony Raines: I believe Tony wins the elimination and comes back into the house angry and stirring up some problems to get some drama points.

Camilla Nakagawa: I think we see that Ashley K gets chosen to go into the elimination and then the champs will nominate Camilla which will send her full Camillanator and she will grab you some points this week.

Sleeper Pick:

Jenna Compono: I think we see some drama between Zach and Jenna this week that will be giving Jenna a big week this week.

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