MTV The Challenge: Invasion: The Mile-High Club Recap by Peter Brune

Posted on March 10, 2017 at 11:58 am

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Let's be honest, we all knew that MTV was just going to show the elimination this week. They are the kings of ending episodes on unnecessary cliff hangers and then have an episode that shows what you could've shown in the previous episode. That is exactly what this episode was.

This episode starts out with all the contestants having a party in the house and all kinds of drama ensues. First we see Nicole continue to flirt with Cara Maria as they wrestle each other. Cara is just humoring Nicole at this point. Next, we see Jenna and Zach start to develop a relationship again with their flirting back and forth basically all night. Finally, we see the drama winner of the night, Nelson. I have never seen a grown man have that big of a hissy fit before in my life. He's obviously drunk and talking with Sylvia in the pool and Sylvia tells him that she doesn't want to be his "sloppy seconds" to LaToya. This sends Nelson into a complete meltdown. He's throwing chairs and shaking beds like a little kid having a hissy fit. After this freakout we finally get to the nominations...



At nominations, we see the same divide in the house. The Tony/Cory/Kailah/Jenna/Nicole alliance are gunning for Shane and Ashley M to be voted in and the Nelson alliance is gunning for Kailah and Cory. In the end the alliances split, sending in Kailah vs. Sylvia and Shane vs. Tony. At this point, Shane is annoyed that everyone is calling him the weakest competitor and calls out Tony saying if you want to be the best, why do you choose to play against the weakest. Shane basically says that it's a win/win situation for him and a lose/lose situation for Tony. This appears to get into Tony's head and psych him out a little bit. 



We make it to the elimination and TJ lets everyone know that this place is called the Fortress and is where all the eliminations will be taking place from here on out. TJ also explains that the contestants this week will be trying to push a tricycle type contraption, called a tuk tuk, to the end of a platform. Whoever makes it to the end of the platform first will win the elimination.

First, we start with the girls. We see that right off the bat Kailah takes an early lead by using all of her strength to push the tuk tuk down the platform. This strategy doesn't last very long though as she ends up gassing out after a while and allows Sylvia to pass her up. Sylvia had a completely different strategy which was get low and consistently keep hitting the wall on the tuk tuk to slowly move all the way down the platform. This turns out to be the better strategy and Sylvia completes the upset and sends Kailah home.

Next up we have the guys. This, unfortunately, wasn't a close elimination. In reality, it was over before it even started. We see that Tony learned absolutely nothing from the girls elimination and just tried to power his was down the platform and just ended up swaying back and forth. Shane, on the other hand, uses Sylvia's strategy and easily makes his was down the platform to his first every career elimination win on the challenge and sending Tony home.


Post Elimination

After about 50 minutes of show, we finally make it to why they called this episode "The Mile-High Club". We see most of the Nelson alliance is outside by the pool talking with some of the champions about how Jenna and Bruno were hooking up on the plane before the start of the challenge. Jenna gets wind of this and starts to freak out about how Zach is going to find out about this and they will be over. Really Jenna? Why do you even care about what Zach thinks about this? You and Zach aren't even together at this point. 


Fantasy Winners

Shane Landrum

I'm giving Shane the nod this week. He was able to eliminate Tony this week and give himself his first career elimination win. I also think he is in the best position out of all the underdog men since he's friends with all of the underdog women and I don't see him going into another elimination if nominations stay the way they are.

Sylvia Elsrode

Sylvia has really proved me wrong over and over again. She has a great showing in the elimination this week and takes out, who i believe to be, one of the better underdog women competitors. She's definitely proved herself, but I still don't think that saves her from being nominated again. I believe she'll keep going into the elimination since she's really on nobody's side in the alliances.



  • Sylvia has really proven herself to be a good competitor. She'll just need to win a couple challenges to keep her out of the elimination and she could go pretty far in the game.
  • I don't see Shane going into an elimination from here on out and I think he makes it to the final on the underdogs team.
  • Next week will be a champs week and I'm excited to see what kind of drama unfolds with nominations and the elimination.
  • I predict the elimation next week willl be Bananas vs. Zach and Ashley K vs. Camilla.

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