MTV The Challenge: Invasion: Achy Breaky Heart Recap by Peter Brune

Posted on March 19, 2017 at 02:00 pm

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I'm so glad that MTV didn't keep going with their "too be continued" episodes. After two episodes with not a lot of content, we got back to the normal episode format: house drama, challenge, house drama, nominations, elimination, house drama. That is the format that every episode should follow until you really need the cliff hangers, like episodes close the final challenge.

We start out the episode with a lot of relationship talk. We first have Laurel, Ashley K and Camilla talking in the pool about what guys they like that are currently in the house. Then we have Cara Maria talking with Nelson and Hunter about her past relationships. And finally we see Laurel talking with Jenna about how her and Zach need to communicate better and blah blah blah. Alright, let's get to the challenge...


The Challenge

We get to the challenge and we see this mouse wheel like contraption hanging up in the air above the water. TJ let's everyone know that they will be up there spinning for a max of 3 minutes and rack up points by how many revolutions that you end up getting. TJ also lets the champions know that the best girl and guy will gain immunity from the elimination this week. Out of everyone, the only people who really showed anything were CT, Laurel, Bananas, Zach, Shane, Dario and Hunter. Everyone else fell after only one or two spins. Once we make it through all of the champion pairings, TJ lets the champions know that since they are down two players they'll need to choose a team to redo the challenge against the last underdog pairing, Cory and Jenna. TJ also states that whoever gets to redo the challenge will get another chance to up their time from the first try to get immunity. Since CT and Zach made it through all of the 3 minutes, Bananas figures out that the only way for him to be immune this week. I have no clue why Zach and CT let Bananas convince them that he will be the one that goes a 2nd time, but somehow he does and improves his points enough to gain him immunity. Since Laurel was basically the only girl to make it past the first revolution she is the obvious girl that gains immunity. Bananas and Laurel end up choosing Zach and Cara Maria to go into the elimination.



We had a fairly drama free nomination for the champions. For the girls the vote was 2 for Ashley K and 1 for Camilla. For the guys the vote was 2 for Darrell and 1 for CT. This starts a small feud between CT and Camilla since CT voted for Camilla and Camilla returned the favor. We'll just have to see if this feud will go any further than just this nomination.



This has been the elimination that everyone has been waiting for, pole wrestle. This is one of the classic physical eliminations and is very fitting to be the first champion elimination. The girls are up first and we see Ashley K put up a pretty decent fight against Cara, but in the end Cara is just too strong and rips the pole out from Ashley K twice and gains her 12th elimination win in her career. The guys elimination goes just about the same way the girls elimination did. We see Darrell and Zach in an all out brawl for the pole, but in the end Darrell is just too strong and strips Zach from the pole twice to pull out the win.


Fantasy Winners

Darrell Taylor

We finally get to see Darrell in what he does best, physical eliminations. He showed that he's still got it with his age and we can only hope that he keeps it up to rack in the competition points because I doubt he'll be a part of too much drama.


Cara Maria Sorbello

After winning her 12th elimination this week, we see that Cara is still a dominant performer. I feel like she has a chance to be thrown in to every elimination from here on out and I think Laurel will be the only remaining champ to put up a fight against her.



  • I feel like TJ has just given up on saying "You Killed It". He has still yet to say it to anyone this season.
  • The champ eliminations should be great this whole season since they are throwback eliminations.
  • I hope to see more out of the underdogs this week. Dario, Hunter and Nicole are the only ones that have really shown anything up to this point.

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