MTV The Challenge: Invasion: Fantasy Power Rankings: Episode 7 by Peter Brune

Posted on March 20, 2017 at 02:49 pm

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Rankings based on how well they have done in fantasy up to this point


1. Dario Medrano

Previous: 1

Dario keeps the top spot this week. I haven't seen anyone even come close to say his name to be thrown into the elimination and he's been performing pretty well during the challenges. He will need to be a little more involved in the drama to really take the cake on the best fantasy player every week.


2. Cory Wharton

Previous: 2

Cory has been the only guy this whole season that has a lot of drama and romance points. Now I know that all those romance points came from Kailah, but from the talks in last weeks episode it seems like Camilla is at least interested in him. I feel like he's got a 90% chance of going into the elimination this week so he might not be around for too much longer, but if he is, he'll guarantee you some solid points on underdog weeks.


3. Shane Landrum

Previous: 3

Shane is the only guy I can see to never be voted into the elimination from here on out. The only way he'll get in there is if one random girl wins and chooses him right off the bat. He also has been performing well at the daily challenges.


4. Jenna Compono

Previous: 4

Now since Zach is out of the house, Jenna's points could decrease over the next couple weeks, but I still have her as one of the better girls. Her only downfall is that she's in an alliance with Cory and could be thrown into the elimination this week.


5. Cara Maria Sorbello

Previous: 10/11

Cara showed this past week why she is considered a champion with her dominant win against Ashley K. At this point, I feel like Laurel is the only other champion girl that could eliminate her and keep her from running the final. She also still seems to have some flirting back and forth with Nicole, even though I doubt anything happens from this.


6. Nicole Zanatta

Previous: 5

Nicole continues her steady drop from the top of the rankings as she really hasn't been doing too much. Her performance this week in the daily challenge wasn't that great and she seems to not be in the drama as much as she was early in the game.


7. Darrell Taylor

Previous: 12/13

Darrell showed to everyone this week that even after his long break, he can still compete with the best of them dominating Zach in the elimination. I still believe the only way you get points from him is if he wins an elimination or daily challenge but he's got a solid chance of making the final.


8. Sylvia Elsrode

Previous: 7

Sylvia has had a strong showing with two elimination wins and a ton of drama points over the first half of the season. I still feel like she'll see the elimination again and soon. Can she keep winning to keep herself in the game?


9. Johnny Devenanzio

Previous: 8

Johnny showed a strong performance at the challenge last week by manipulating his team to let him go again and gained immunity from it. He still seems fairly powerless this year since his teammates are all dominant. I see him being thrown into the elimination soon and if he's up against CT or Darrell in a physical elimination it will be hard for him to win.


10. Laurel Stucky

Previous: 10/11

Laurel was the only girl to even make it past the first rotation in the challenge last week proving herself as the top female this season. I can see her keep gaining immunity and staing out of the elimination making her way to the final. Cara is the only person standing in her way.


11. CT Tamburello

Previous: 12/13

CT had a strong showing in the daily challenge and probably would've won if they didn't let Bananas go a second time. I still don't see him being too involved in the daily drama and will only get his points from daily challenges and eliminations.


12. Hunter Barfield

Previous: 17

Hunter gained some points last week from his solid performance at the daily challenge. I think he'll be a solid competitor this week and he'll be hard to eliminate in any physical challenge.


13. Camilla Nakagawa

Previous: 9

Let's be honest, the Camilla this year just isn't the same as what she's been in the past. She is not involved in any drama hardly and she's now, in my opinion, the weakest competitor on the champions team. Look to see her eliminated next champion elimination unless she somehow gains immunity.


14. Nelson Thomas

Previous: 14

Nelson has shown absolutely nothing in daily challenges. He looks the part, but has yet to perform. He'll continue to sit behind his alliance and not be voted into the elimination which will keep him in the game unless Jenna or Nicole win next challenge.


15. Ashley Mitchell

Previous: 15

Ashley hasn't done a whole lot since her hookup with Hunter once they made it into the Oasis. She'll have to show me more during the challenge so that I can be confident that she'll do well later in the game.


16. Amanda Garcia

Previous: 16

At this point, I believe Amanda is the worst female competitor on the underdogs team. I am now putting Sylvia above her just for the fact that Sylvia has proven herself. She's only been safe because she's been behind the alliance the whole season.


My Picks For The Week

Who I believe will be the top scoring male and female in fantasy this week.

Cory Wharton: I believe Cory gets thrown into the elimination (and wins) this week and it could be the week that tension between him and Nelson blowup gaining him a lot of points.

Jenna Compono: I think Jenna gets thrown into the elimination and comes back this week. I don't think there's any other underdog girl that can compete with her currently, unless Nicole gets thrown in against her.

Sleeper Pick:

Nelson Thomas: I'm only picking Nelson this week as the sleeper because I think this is the week that we get the Nelson and Cory blowup that MTV has been showing in previews. Pick at your own risk in Weekly Redraft leagues this week.

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