MTV The Challenge: Invasion: A Low Down Dirty Shane Recap by Peter Brune

Posted on March 26, 2017 at 05:55 pm

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The episode starts out with the first night out on the town for the competitors. We see a lot of dancing and drinking from everyone and some flirting happening between Cory and Camilla. The flirting continues whenever they get back to the house and we see that Cory didn't waste any time after Kailah left to move on to Camilla.


The Challenge

TJ lets everyone know right off the bat that this challenge will be the first eating challenge this season and there will be a lot of vomitting going on. The gist of the challenge is that each team has to finish multiple bowls of curry and bring the place settings up to the top of the hill and finish a puzzle before the other team. We see right off the bat that the underdogs, besides Shane, are doing terrible at this challenge while the champs just drink their curry and move on fast. In the end, the underdogs really had no chance and the champs end up winning the challenge fairly easily with 2 less people. Hunter and Nicole were the first male and female to finish for the underdogs, so they were granted immunity and get to choose the person of the opposite sex to go into the elimination. Hunter decided to chose Jenna and Nicole decided to chose Nelson to try and get rid of the "leader" of the other alliance.


Post Challenge

Whenever everyone gets back to the house, Dario thinks for some reason he is on the chopping block and wants to expose Shane for talking with Nicole and trying to make an alliance with her to save himself. Then we see the whole underdog teams fighting with each other about who should be going in and about how Shane is playing the game shady. 

The next day, we see one of the first pranks of the season with Bananas taking Ashley M's toilet seat off and putting it out into the little pond that's next to the Oasis. This sends Ashley M into a complete meltdown. Apparently the only thing that she's been doing since she got back from the challenge is vomitting and shitting into that toilet, stating that the toilet is the only thing there that is making her feel better.



The nominations was pretty straight forward with no drama. We see that Dario basically shot himself in the foot with him trying to expose Shane and he get voted into the elimination. On the female side, the vote was unanimous and they send in Sylvia because she told everyone to vote her in since she thought she was the weakest link at the last challenge. Dumb move Sylvia.



Everyone walks into the elimination and all you see set up is two bells with a rope hanging in the middle of it. TJ lets the players know that they will be swinging the rope and trying to break 16 clay pots attached to the bell above them. The first player to break all 16 of their pots wins.

The males are up first and we see that Nelson catches onto the strategy first and just dominates Dario sending him home. The females elimination was a little bit closer. At the beginning we see Sylvia smashing pots left and right giving you the impression that she's going to come away with the win. But after a while we see Sylvia tire out and Jennas strategy of swinging the rope like a lasso works and she sends Sylvia home.


Fantasy Winners

Cory Wharton

We see that even without Kailah in the house Cory can dominate on fantasy points with all of his romance and drama points that he rakes in every week. He has secured the #1 spot in default leagues and has a commanding lead.

Ashley Mitchell

Users who drafted Ashley M. finally can see why they drafted her. She was involved in a lot of prank drama this episode and from the looks of it will probably be a part of plenty more drama with her gang of girls.



  • Jenna is still undefeated in eliminations in her career at 5-0. Can she break Wes' record of starting out 8-0?
  • Based on the sneak previews for next episode, expect to see a ton of drama points.
  • Next week the champ eliminations should be great with only CT, Bananas, and Darrell for the guys left and Camilla, Laurel, and Cara left
  • Should be another great episode and elimination next week.

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