MTV The Challenge: Invasion: Fantasy Power Rankings: Episode 8 by Peter Brune

Posted on March 27, 2017 at 02:07 pm

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Rankings based on how well they have done in fantasy up to this point


1. Cory Wharton

Previous: 2

With Dario leaving last week, Cory takes over his spot at #1. We see in this past episode that Cory does not take long to move from girl to girl in the house. He hooks up with Camilla not even 2 weeks after Kailah leaves. He's been one of the best fantasy players this year due to all of his romance and drama points and should continue at least 2 more weeks.


2. Shane Landrum

Previous: 3

Shane showed this week that he's the only underdog who has a lot of experience playing the challenge. He was the only underdog to power through eating the curry and berated everyone else on his team. He's still got a strong bond with the girls and should be a good pick to be one of the last guys left on the underdogs team for the final


3. Jenna Compono

Previous: 4

Jenna continues to roll in elimination challenges. She is now 5-0 in eliminations and I don't see an underdog that would be able to take her down other than Nicole.


4. Ashley Mitchell

Previous: 15

Ashley makes a large jump this week due to her monster week this week in fantasy. She got points in just about everything this week including a meltdown because Bananas took her toilet seat (the only thing that was making her feel better in the house). Ashley and her gang of girls should be involved in a lot of drama in the next coming episodes.


5. Cara Maria Sorbello

Previous: 5

Cara wasn't involved in anything really this week because it was an underdog elimination week, but she's still a great competitor and stands in the same position she was last week.


6. Nicole Zanatta

Previous: 6

Nicole showed this week that she is the female to beat on the underdogs team by completely smoking the other women on the sprint up the hill to gain immunity. I think she should continue to dominate all of the underdog females and I don't think we'll see her lose an elimination against any of the other underdog females.


7. Camilla Nakagawa

Previous: 13

Camilla gets a bump this week because even though it was an underdog day, she found herself some points with hooking up with Cory. Unless she gets immuntiy this week, she'll be in the elimination and I just can't see her winning against Cara or Laurel. Let's hope that she can churn out some more drama points before then.


8. Hunter Barfield

Previous: 12

Hunter shows that he's still one of the top guy competitors on the underdogs team by getting first among guys in his 3rd challenge this season. He also seems to be having roid rages which helps him in drama points week to week.


9. Johnny Devenanzio

Previous: 9

Johnny was being classic Johnny this week with pulling pranks on the underdogs and stirs the pot with Hunter and the other underdog guys. He will have to either gain immunity this week or else he will be in the elimination against either CT or Darrell.


10. Darrell Taylor

Previous: 7


Darrell continues to show that he's a good competitor in every daily challenge. Unfortunately that's the only way that he seems to be gaining points. Let's hope that he can beat out CT and Bananas to make his way to the final.


11. Laurel Stucky

Previous: 10

Laurel is 100% the best female on the champs team and it's hard for me to see her get eliminated by either Cara or Camilla. Unfortunately, this season Laurel hasn't really been a part of drama or anything in the house. This looks to change this week as the previews show an argument between her and Amanda.


12. Nelson Thomas

Previous: 14

Even with Nelson winning the elimination this week, I'm still not convinced that he's a good competitor. Sure he's won 2 eliminations now, but he has shown absolutely nothing during the daily challenges. Until he shows me that, I'll keep him near the bottom of the rankings since he hasn't been in a whole lot of drama since the Oasis.


13. Amanda Garcia

Previous: 16

Amanda is honestly the most annoying person on this show currently. She does nothing but complain and do nothing in challenges. She's lucky that she found an alliance early, if she didn't she would already be gone.


14. CT Tamburello

Previous: 11

CT is definitely a fan favorite, but has not been producing fantasy points for everyone who drafted him this season. He's just watching all the underdogs make a fool of themselves while he lays back and drinks a beer. He will most likely have to make it through Bananas or Darrell this week to not be eliminated.


My Picks For The Week

Who I believe will be the top scoring male and female in fantasy this week.

Johnny Devenanzio: I think tensions rise this week and Bananas will be a central point in a lot of the drama.

Laurel Stucky: From the looks of the previews this week, there's going to be a blow up among Laurel, Amanda and Camilla. I believe this arises because Laurel and Camilla are going to be in the elimination and Amanda talks shit even though she's done nothing.

Sleeper Pick:

Amanda Garcia: From the looks of the previews this week, Amanda is the central part of a lot of drama in the house and should gain her some drama points.

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