MTV The Challenge: Invasion: An Officer And A Gentlewoman Recap by Peter Brune

Posted on April 1, 2017 at 03:10 pm

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What a fantastic episode! The only thing this episode was missing was showing who won the eliminations. Everything else was great! We had a house party, going out to the bars, some romance, a TON of drama, the challenge, and part of the first elimination. Now onto the episode...

This episode starts out like a horror film. We see Laurel dressed up like Carrie walking very ominous around the pool and house. To be honest, at first I thought this was going to be another prank on the underdogs, but then we find out that they are just having a costume party. There's not a lot that happens at the party besides Nicole saying that she's starting to become attracted to Laurel. The next day we find out that Laurel feels the same way about Nicole and this is the first time that she has felt this way about another female.

The next thing we know, everyone is out at the bar together. At the bar we are seeing that Nicole is flirting with both Cara and Laurel and Laurel is not having any of it. After being fed up with Nicole, Laurel walks over to Amanda and Shane and tells Amanda that she was the one that put the chips in her bed last episode and this starts an argument that continues whenever everyone gets back to the house. Laurel and Amanda continue their argument, and that's when the Camilinator comes out and rips into Amanda.


The Challenge

The challenge this week will involve the competitors trying to hold onto one of two ropes on a teetering platform and whatever team racks up the most time up on the platform wins. Also the champion guy and girl who stay up there the longest are safe from elimination. This is huge because if you aren't safe, then you automatically are going into the elimination. The girls are up first and whenever TJ blows the horn, all the underdogs and Laurel grab the same rope, while Cara and Camilla are the only ones on the second rope. Everyone on the first rope drop fast leaving only Camilla and Cara up there to see who is safe from the elimination. While Cara is holding on with just her arms, Camilla starts to wrap herself up in the rope so she doesn't have to hold herself using her arms. After Camilla wraps the rope around her neck, TJ tells her to stop and just hold on with her arms, but at this point Cara is gassed and falls making Camilla safe. Next up is the guys. Shane comes up with a good plan of not even going for the rope and throwing all the champs off of the platform and hope that one underdog is left up there to rack up the time for his team to win. This turns out to be a good plan whenever he instantly takes out all the champs leaving Nelson and Cory up there by themselves to give them the win. With Bananas and CT falling into the water at the exact same time, nobody knows who is going to be safe from the elimination or not. TJ had to go to the super slow mo replay to see that Bananas foot hits the water first to send him into the elimination against Darrell.



The competitors walk into the elimination to see one of the classics, "Balls in". This elimination is when the competitors get to play offense and defense 3 times each and try to get the ball into a trash bin in the middle of the elimination. If the ball hits the ground, or the player steps out of bounds the round is over. First up we have Darrell vs. Bananas. This could go down as one of the best eliminations in challenge history with a 6 time champ vs. a 4 time champ. The first round starts with Darrell on offense and Bananas gets low and pushes him close to out of bounds which makes Darrell throw up a shot that comes surprisingly close, but in the end misses. The second round Bananas is on offense and Darrell strips out the ball fairly quickly. In the third round Darrell gives Bananas a good stiff arm and pushes him out of the way enough to slam the ball into the trash bin. In the fourth round, Darrell and Bananas wrestle around for a while until Darrell finally gets the ball away from Bananas to stop him again. In the fifth round, Darrell has a chance to win the elimination, but gets pushed close to out of bounds again and he misses the shot. All Darrell has to do in the final round is stop Bananas for a third time and he will win, but MTV hits us with a "To Be Continued".


Fantasy Winners

Amanda Garcia

As much as I hate her and want her out of the game, it seems like Amanda has finally found herself in all kinds of drama in the house. If she continues to do this, she will rack up the points fast. The only thing she has to prove is if she can win an elimination.

Camilla Nakagawa

There weren't a lot of males who did a whole lot this episode so I'm picking another female this week for the fantasy winners. This was the first time we've seen the Camillanator this season, and she somehow pulled out a challenge win to keep her out of the elimination for the next 2 episodes.



  • I'm really hoping that Darrell pulls this out and wins the elimination to send Bananas home. Then we will get a CT vs. Darrell matchup for the final elimination (which I predict will the Hall Brawl)
  • I don't really think Cara has a chance against Laurel, but if she pulls it out she will be going into the challenge hall of fame.
  • I still think there's a chance that the game changes next champ elimination so that it will be every person for themselves, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  • I think Cory gets thrown into the next underdog guys elimination next week if he doesn't get immunity.
  • Hope MTV can fit 2 eliminations and a challenge into the next episode so we don't get another "To Be Continued"

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