MTV The Challenge: Invasion: Fantasy Power Rankings: Episode 9 by Peter Brune

Posted on April 7, 2017 at 10:00 am

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 Rankings based on how well they have done in fantasy up to this point


1. Cory Wharton

Previous: 1

Even though there was plenty of drama in the house this past episode, there wasn't enough to dethrone Cory from the top spot. Expect him to be in talks with going into the elimination next week and see if he can add to his point total if he wins the elimination.


2. Shane Landrum

Previous: 2

Shane is still friends with all the underdog girls which puts him in a good position for nominations. The only way I see Shane getting put in the elimination is if Nicole or Jenna wins and picks him to go in. Still think Nelson will get thrown in first though.


3. Amanda Garcia

Previous: 13

Even though I hate her, Amanda had a huge week this week by arguing with Camilla and Laurel. She's also in a pretty good situation with her alliance that I don't think she'll be in the elimination this week unless Cory wins and throws her in.


4. Camilla Nakagawa

Previous: 7

The Camillanator finally showed up this season. This is the same Camilla that we know from past seasons. She also found a way to stay out of the elimination to keep her in the game until the next champ elimination.


5. Ashley Mitchell

Previous: 4

Ashley always seems to be a part of every episode and gets consistent fantasy points every week. As long as she can stay in the game, expect her to carry your fantasy team.


6. Nicole Zanatta

Previous: 6

Nicole is still looking like the best female on the underdogs team and now since she's in a thing with Laurel and Cara expect to see some more drama and romance points.


7. Laurel Stucky

Previous: 11

Laurel makes a large leap this week after her flirting with Nicole and blowup on Amanda. I think she wins this elimination against Cara and expect to see more drama between her and Nicole.


8. Jenna Compono

Previous: 4

Jenna doesn't fall in the rankings this week because she hasn't been competing well, she fell because of all the people below her that had huge weeks this past week. She's still a good competitor and I'd expect her to be around for a while.


9. Cara Maria Sorbello

Previous: 5

Cara is in the same boat as Jenna. She drops in the rankings because of all the other drama that happened in the house. She'll have to really put up a fight this week against Laurel to win the elimination and keep herself in the game.


10. Hunter Barfield

Previous: 8

Hunter still looks to be the best physical competitor on the underdogs team. He will be tough to beat in an elimination, so I don't expect to see him eliminated anytime soon.


11. Darrell Taylor

Previous: 10

Darrell is strictly a competitor in fantasy terms. He will only get your team points by winning the final, challenge, or an elimination. I think he finds a way to beat Bananas this week and will have to make it through CT to get to the final.


12. Nelson Thomas

Previous: 12

Nelson stays in the same spot as last week. He has been producing in fantasy, but just isn't the same caliber as everyone that's in front of him in terms of production.


13. Johnny Devenanzio

Previous: 9

Johnny drops in the rankings this week after not getting immunity at the challenge and not being a part of the drama that was in the house this week. I think Darrell pulls off the win against him in the elimination and send him home next episode.


14. CT Tamburello

Previous: 14

Until challenges become individual instead of team based I can't see CT gaining any ground on anyone in terms of fantasy points. He is a solid competitor, but he just like to sit back and watch the drama unfold in the house instead of being a part of it.


My Picks For The Week

Who I believe will be the top scoring male and female in fantasy this week.

Laurel Stucky: I'm basing this pick off of believing that she wins the elimination this week and I believe her and Nicole's relationship will be shown more on camera which could produce more points.

Cory Wharton: I think that Cory will be picked to be thrown into the elimination this week and I think he creates some drama from that and possibly wins the elimination too.

Sleeper Pick: 

Nelson Thomas: I think there's a possibility that Nelson gets thrown into the elimination if Nicole or Jenna wins for the underdog girls which gives Nelson a chance at some drama and elimination points.

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