MTV The Challenge: Invasion: Go Your Own Way Recap by Peter Brune

Posted on April 7, 2017 at 02:57 pm

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This episode starts where we left off last episode with Bananas down 1-0 against Darrell in Balls In. Bananas is on offense and has one last chance to tie the game up and send the elimination into overtime. Bananas makes a good move to get around Darrell to start, but Darrell ends up being too much and knocks Bananas hand off of the ball and he misses the bucket to lose. In the post elimination interview Bananas is very humble and knows that he lost to one of the greatest challengers in history. Darrell now only has CT standing between him and his camper!

Next up is the female elimination between friends Cara and Laurel. Right when I saw that Cara was going against Laurel, I was thinking there was no way that Cara would win this elimination because Laurel is so much bigger. In the first round Cara really showed a lot whenever she took Laurel down and stripped the ball from her, but offense was way different. Cara runs straight at Laurel and ends up getting put in a headlock and thrown to the ground. Honestly, I thought that putting someone in a headlock shouldn't be allowed, but I guess there's no way to really enforce it. In the next round, Laurel ends up bowling right over Cara to get her first score and it was all downhill for Cara from there. She doesn't find the bucket her second try and then Laurel puts her away by scoring again and go up 2-0. The only way I could see Cara win this elimination is if she used her quickness to try and get around Laurel to score. It seemed like all Cara tried was to run Laurel over, which wasn't happening. All in all, Cara played great but Laurel is just too much to handle in a physical elimination.


Post Elimination

After the elimination we see everyone partying it up at a club. It's at this club where we see some drama being stirred up between Hunter and Shane. Shane started the argument with Hunter because he sees that he's at the bottom of all the guys besides Cory and is trying to throw Hunter under the bus so that he doesn't get voted into an elimination. Shane's argument is that Hunter was just using Ashley M. to get into the alliance and now since he doesn't need the alliance anymore, he wants nothing to do with her. This sets Hunter into a roid rage and him and Shane argue basically the entire rest of the night. The great thing to come from this argument is when they are arguing on the bus and Hunter says "WHO CAN BEAT ME!!?" and we see CT in the background raise his hand and point to himself. Other than Bananas being eliminated, that was the greatest part of the entire episode.


The Challenge

At the challenge, TJ announces that the challenge this week will just be a money grab and there will be no underdog elimination this week. All the underdogs are jubilant, while all the champs are wondering why none of them are going home since the teams are uneven at 4 vs. 8 currently. The challenge is coed pairings and the contestants will be pulled on a tube on the water and have to make it from one side to the next. Whenever they make it to the final tube, they have to pull themselves to a flag on a rope and pull the flag.

The first team up is Shane and Nicole. While Shane flies through the challenge and grabs his flag, Nicole get caught on the 2nd to last tube and can't get to the final tube since it's outside of the wake and too far away for her. Next up is Darrell and Laurel, and both of them show everyone why they are champs as they fly through the challenge and grab their flags. Next up is Nelson and Amanda, and Nelson finally doesn't totally fail in a challenge and gets the flag. Amanda, on the other hand, makes it to the final tube but is too weak to pull herself to the flag (this will be a common theme for the rest of the female competitors). Next up is Hunter and Ashley, and Hunter continues to dominate challenges and grabs his flag, while Ashley ends up tipping herself over while trying to get closer to the final tube. Next up is the final pairing for the champs, CT and Camilla. Basically all they had to do was not DQ or run out of time and the champs would win. Well, neither of them can pull themselves to the flag, which is pretty surprising, and they both hit the 3 minute time cap. Finally the last team to go is Cory and Jenna. Both of them make it to the final tube, and Cory grabs his flag but Jenna can't pull her to get hers as the time runs out.

After everyone gets back in front of TJ, he announces that the underdogs end up winning the challenge. And TJ also says he will be throwing everyone a party.


Post Challenge

Whenever everyone gets back from the challenge they are all getting ready for the party and CT debates on even changing from his challenge clothes because he knows some twist is coming. He ends up being right as we see TJ walk in and drop a bomb on the underdogs to let them know that they should all pack their bags and bring them to the next challenge. Next episode should be EPIC!!


Fantasy Winners

Laurel Stucky

Laurel brings her elimination record to 9-0 which passes up the previous record of 8-0 set by Wes. She is the most physically dominant female in challenge history (besides maybe Emily S. but I don't think we see her again). She's also been grabbing some drama points in the past couple weeks making her more valuable. Expect to see more romance points coming from her as well as her and Nicole's relationship grows.

Shane Landrum

Shane continues to find himself in all of the drama in the house and it's showing on his fantasy points. He's currently sitting in 3rd for most fantasy points in default leagues only behind Ashley M and Cory.



  • I'm really glad that Bananas got eliminated. Now we have Team Dad left for the champs guys.
  • There will at least be 4 underdogs eliminated next week. The elimination showed 3 people tied together and I'm guessing the winner is the only one that survives.
  • I'm optimistic that once the underdog bloodbath is over that there will no longer be teams and it will be an individual game.
  • TJ "You Killed It" count: 0. I think he's trying to not give people fantasy points at this point.

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