MTV The Challenge: Invasion: Fantasy Power Rankings: Episode 10 by Peter Brune

Posted on April 10, 2017 at 01:05 pm

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Rankings based on how well they have done in fantasy up to this point


1. Cory Wharton

Previous: 1

Cory is still sitting in first for most points scored in default leagues. I believe he stays there unless he ends up getting eliminated in the underdog bloodbath in the next episode.


2. Shane Landrum

Previous: 2

Shane is still involved in most of the drama in the house which is keeping him high in the rankings every week. If he can make it through the bloodbath next episode, I think he's a good choice to make it to the final unless he has to make it through a physical elimination.


3. Amanda Garcia

Previous: 3

Ever since the blowup two weeks ago, it seems like Amanda could be around a lot of drama that goes on in the house. Can she make it through the bloodbath this week to gain even more points? I'm really not sure.


4. Laurel Stucky

Previous: 7

Laurel dominated Cara in the elimination this week showing everyone that she still is a dominant force. If all she has to do is make it through Camilla I think she easily makes it to the final.


5. Camilla Nakagawa

Previous: 4

Camilla didn't have quite as big of a week this week as she did 2 weeks ago, but she still stirs up drama and has a thing with Cory. Although I don't think she'll make it through Laurel, I think she has a good chance to get some more drama and romance points before she gets eliminated.


6. Ashley Mitchell

Previous: 5

I believe Ashley is one of the better female competitors on the underdog team so I think she has a good chance of making it through the bloodbath. She also continues to have drama with Hunter that helps her get points week to week.


7. Nicole Zanatta

Previous: 6

Nicole is by far the best female competitor on the underdogs team. I expect her to make it through the bloodbath and be able to make a lot more points since her and Laurel are now getting closer.


8. Hunter Barfield

Previous: 10

Hunter continues to dominate the daily challenges for the underdogs team. He will be very hard to beat in this next bloodbath since he's bigger than everyone else. I'm giving him the best chance out of the underdog guys to make it out of the bloodbath.


9. Jenna Compono

Previous: 8

Jenna has been slowly dropping every week since Zach has left the house. She seems to stay out of most of the drama and gets most of her points from the daily challenges and eliminations. She'll also need to make it through the bloodbath this week to keep her elimination streak alive.


10. Darrell Taylor

Previous: 11

Darrell proves again this week that he is a top competitor after sending Bananas home. The problem is that fantasy isn't just based on performance and he has not been a part of any drama happenning in the house.


11. Nelson Thomas

Previous: 12

Nelson has been a decent pick this year in terms of fantasy, but it's going to be really tough to make it through the bloodbath. Does Nelson have what it takes to not get eliminated this week?


12. CT Tamburello

Previous: 14

As much as it pains me to put CT in last place every week I have to do it based on his fantasy production. The only points he's made this year has been from the daily challenges since he has yet to be in an elimination and not a part of the drama in the house.


My Picks For The Week

Who I believe will be the top scoring male and female in fantasy this week.

Nicole Zanatta: Nicole is the best female competitor on the underdogs team and I think she wins either the challenge or the elimination this week netting her some points. There's also a possibility to get drama or romance points with her relationship with Laurel.

Hunter Barfield: I'm using the same logic with Hunter as I am with Nicole. I think he has the best chance out of the other guy competitors to make it out of the bloodbath this week.

Sleeper Pick:

Cory Wharton: I think we see the Cory and Nelson blowup this week that MTV showed in their midseason preview. If this happens and Cory makes it through the bloodbath he'll be recording a lot of points this week.

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