MTV The Challenge: Invasion: "Caged" Fantasy Recap by Peter Brune

Posted on April 21, 2017 at 10:30 am

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This recap is going to be a little different than the other recaps I've been having. Instead of just walking you through the episode, I'm going to go through the important parts of the episode and just give my thoughts on the episode and what I believe will be happening in the next episodes.

Let me start off by saying that this could have been one of the best episodes of the season, but MTV messed that up with having another "to be continued". Although, even with the "to be continued", this was a great episode and was a very high scoring episode in terms of fantasy production.


End of the Bloodbath

If anyone watched the sneak peek for this episode you would know that the fight between Cory and Nelson wasn't going to go anywhere. It was basically just Cory having a hissy fit about Nelson not following through with the plan they had. First off, Cory should have been playing to win, which is exactly what Nelson was doing. Don't try to cut corners or you'll get burned which is exactly what happened. Second, even if Nelson would've followed through, either Nelson or Cory would've been in the second round anyway so it really doesn't matter. In the end, Cory beat Shane pretty easily in the second round of the elimination. It didn't really look like Shane or Cory had any strategy at all since all they did was spin around in circles until they were close to the edge. It seemed to me like Shane could've won this if he would've had a strategy like Amanda did last week.


The Challenge

The challenge this week is just a money grab, $30,000 to be exact, since all of the champions have to go into the elimination. Even though it's just a money grab, I think this is the best daily challenge that they've had all season. It combines strength, brains, communication and teamwork all in one. The competitors have to traverse through 8 cages and try to figure out the "puzzle" in each one to get to the next cage. The underdogs pull it out after the champions have a tough time digging themselves out of about the 3rd cage. That puts the underdogs at $85,000 and the champs at $25,000.

After the loss, we see again that Laurel doesn't do well with losing. She just starts lashing out and blaming Camilla for their loss. In around the 3rd cage, Camilla was too preoccupied with what the underdogs were doing and didn't really seem like she helped the champs at all. Did this really cost them the win? I don't think so. They still got into the last cage at about the same time the underdogs did, but couldn't dig up their key as fast.



We make it to the elimination with what I thought was plenty of time to show both the girls and guys elimination, but MTV/Bunim Murray had other thoughts. When everyone walks up, you see two jungle gyms with a large rope attached to each of them. The elimination is broken down into 2 rounds. The first round you have 10 minutes to tangle up your rope the most you can. The second round, your opponent tries to unwrap your rope faster than you can.

In the first round of the girls, Laurel seemed to be the clear favorite. Camilla was gassing out and Laurel kept powering through it. After the first round was up I thought Laurel's was way more tangled and she had this in the bag. It turns out that Laurel used too much energy tangling her rope up and she was gassed the entire second round and ended up losing to Camilla.

I was really disappointed in Laurel. She really just gave up in the second round when she saw that she wasn't completely killing Camilla. Now this is nothing to take away from Camilla. She definitely had way more heart and powered through the elimination to give Laurel her first loss. It will be interesting to see the final race with Camilla instead of Laurel. I think this gives Ashley and Nicole more of a chance to win.


Fantasy Winners

Camilla Nakagawa

Ever since that blowup on Amanda, Camilla has been killing it in drama/romance fantasy points. And now after beating Laurel she's guaranteed at least 3rd overall, but I think she at least gets 2nd in the final.

Cory Wharton

Who would've thought at the beginning of the season that Cory would be the top fantasy scorer overall? He has scored in basically every category in Competition, Romance and Drama. Now he's landed himself in the final and will have to beat out CT/Darrell and Nelson.



  • Camilla has proved that she deserves to be a champion, but I'm still not putting her in the same tier as Laurel. She kind of lucked out not being a part of the last two eliminations that were more physical.
  • CT vs Darrell should be a great battle next week. I think Darrell has the advantage, but we really haven't seen what CT is capable of this season since he hasn't seen an elimination.
  • TJ's "You Killed It" count: 0.

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