MTV The Challenge: Invasion: Final Predictions by Peter Brune

Posted on May 1, 2017 at 12:24 pm

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1. CT Tamburello

As long as CT's endurance holds up during the final, there's no way that he will lose to Cory or Nelson. He's just a better overall competitor and will be easier to work with no matter who is his partner throughout the final. He's cool, calm, and collected and should have this one in the bag pending some new twist from production.


2. Nelson Thomas

The cliffhanger from last week was if Nelson was going to make it to shore or drift out to the ocean. I think he will pull it out and make it to shore to compete against CT for the #1 spot. The only thing that will hold him back will be how he works with his partners and how well he does with puzzles.


3. Cory Wharton

We see in the previews from this episode that Cory seems to be difficult to work with whenever you're his partner. I think this will be his main downfall and I just don't think he has the same endurance as Nelson or CT with his bum knee.



1. Nicole Zanatta

The only person who is going to beat Nicole is herself. It looks like she's still got Laurel on her mind instead of her mind on the game, but I believe she can put all of this behind her and focus on the final to beat out the other two. I know she's not as good with puzzles, but I think she'll get some help from her partners along the way to help her out enough to win.


2. Camilla Nakagawa

Camilla, by far, has the most experience in finals than the other two, I've just never seen her as someone great at finals. Her one final that she won, she was carried by Bananas for most of it. We saw in her second final that whenever she doesn't have a great partner (Jemmye) that she isn't the same. I think it will be a close race, but in the end she'll grab 2nd.


3. Ashley Mitchell

Ashley is a good competitor, but it's really hard to predict how a final will take it's toll on a player. The only reason I'm saying Ashley will get 3rd is that I think she is the least mentally stable among the three females. I think this will slow her down over the three day final and she'll find herself in 3rd.


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