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How do I propose a trade?

  • Navigate to your league's homepage. Once there, you will see a "Propose Trade" button (the button will not be available whenever shows are locked and scores are still being calculated). Click that button and then you will be asked to choose what team you want to trade with. Once you choose a team, you will see your team and their team listed and you will select the players from each team to trade. The last thing you have to do is click "Finalize Trade" and then you're good to go! This will send an email and notification to the team you're trading with that lets them know about the offer.

How do I cancel a proposed trade?

  • Once a trade is proposed, you will have an option to cancel it if you don't want to go through with the trade anymore. To do this, you will first navigate to your league's homepage. From there click the "Trades" button with a number in parenthesis that shows how many trades you have open. This will bring you to a page that looks similar to the image featured above in this article. Under "Pending Trades" you will have to find the trade you want to cancel and then just click "Cancel." This will send an email and notification to the person you were trading with to let them know that the trade was cancelled.

How do I Accept/Decline a trade?

  • Navigate to your league's homepage. From there you should click on the "Trades" button. In the "Trade Offers" section, find the trade you want to accept or decline and then click "Accept" or "Decline." If the trade is accepted, an email will be sent to everyone in your league to let them know a trade has been accepted. If the trade is declined, an email will be sent to the person who you are trading with to notify them that the trade was declined.

Once I trade a player away, how will their points be reflected on my team?

  • Once you trade a player away, you will still see them on your team page, but they will have an asterisk symbol (*) next to their name to indicate that you no longer own that player. You will still have all the points that player has gained for your team up until the time you traded them away, but you will not gain any of their points in future episodes since they aren't on your team anymore.

Wait, I just accepted a trade and the player I received says that they have 0 points?

  • This would be correct. You only gain points that the player will get from the current episode and future episodes. You will not receive any of their points that were reflected before the trade was accepted.

Can a player be traded multiple times during the season?

  • Yes, a player can be traded as many times as you want during the season. However, the only rule is that a player can only be traded once during the week. For example, if you have just acquired a player in a trade, you cannot trade that player away during that same week before scores are recorded.

Can I trade multiple players for one player and vice versa?

  • Yes, you can trade multiple players for one player or multiple players. The only rule behind this is that you have to trade at least one person. You cannot trade nobody for someone else.

Do trades expire?

  • Yes. All trades expire whenever the episode airs and locks on the site. So, trades will expire every week once the next episode starts.

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